Culture – Our Way of Being

At Golden Sands School everyone is a learner; our students and our teachers – ‘It’s our Way of Being’.  We learn about learning, we learn about leadership and we learn about living.

Our Learning

We are all inquiring learners – we are curious, we wonder, we ask questions, we are open to new ideas and we think about answers. We understand and can talk about our learning and the ways we can improve. 
Teachers motivate and challenge students, ensuring they are interested and engage.  Teachers understand students learn best when they are cared for, encouraged and praised for their efforts.

Our Leadership

We are all learning how to be leaders.  We understand we are independent and dependable.  We realise we have choices about the person we are and we try hard to be responsible.  We know we have great potential and we help each other to develop this.  We learn how to greet people and communicate with them. Teacher’s model ways to be leaders, by involving and including students, they help them grow confidence and self-esteem and they praise them for their actions.

Our Living

We are all learning the importance of living and participating in our community and our world.  We care about others, we respect them, we cooperate with them and together we solve problems. We know that sometimes there can be setbacks, but we learn ways to grow and persevere. Teachers give us opportunities and experiences that will help us deal with the future.We know we will be learning all our lives. 

We are part of Golden Sands School and we are PROUD.