Kids on Feet

What is a ‘Kids on Feet” Walking School Bus?

The Walking School bus is a fun, safe and active way for children to travel to and from school with adult supervision.  Each bus walks along a set route with at least one adult “driver, picking children up at designated stops and walking them to school.   The process is reversed in the afternoons.  
The Walking School Bus can be flexible to suit the needs of the families using it. The bus can go as little or as often as parents “drive” it. Children can use it every day according to their family schedules. The service is free. The scheme eases congestion around the school gates as well as providing a safe and environmentally friendly journey for children to and from school.
There are numerous benefits from having a Walking School Bus such as:
  • Healthier more active children
  • Increased independence for children
  • Safer and closer communities
  • Opportunities for children to interact with the road environment in a safe and active way
  • Reduced chaos and traffic congestion around school gates
  • Providing companionship and fun for both parents and children
  • Extra time for parents by sharing pedestrian journeys
If you are interested in supporting us with the walk to feet programme, please contact Karen Smith at the Tauranga City Council.   She is willing to organise a meeting and the training so we can start our walking school buses.

Karen Smith – Ph 577 7396