The Golden Sands School logo is symbolic. The elements of this symbol represent both literal and figurative notions of unity, family, strength, ‘reaching for the stars’ and achievement.

The statement for the school ‘Te Rito o te Harakeke’ translated means ‘the heart of the flax bush’. This is where new life grows, close to the roots with the support and protection of adult leaves regarded in the Maori world as the parents and grandparents of the baby leaf. All three blades together illustrate ‘te rito o te harakeke’.

The central koru-shaped figure consists of 5 ‘kapirua’ (inverted nodes) that represent the values of the school including respect, communication, integrity, courage and fun.

From a Maori aspect each ‘kapirua’ is a symbol of regeneration and growth. The logo is in Gold to reflect the sands of the Papamoa beaches and the pingao’s edge – a plant that is vital to the preservation of the sand dunes.