School Charter

Golden Sands School is decile 9, contributing school, located in Papamoa East. The school opened in February 2011 with 83 students and currently (September 2015) has 412 students. As Papamoa East is an area experiencing significant population growth, we expect the school to continue to grow rapidly. Developers are continually opening up new sections for purchase on our boundary and these are being quickly purchased by families wanting to enrol in the school.

We have 18 learning spaces (18 classroom equivalents) on site at present with the latest building development opening in October 2013. We are expecting to build again in 2016 ready to open 6 new learning spaces.

Our buildings represent the latest ideas in contemporary learning and teaching. Learning spaces are grouped together in learning communities which have flexible spaces within. Breakout spaces can be used for a variety of learning contexts; the newer learning communities have spaces for media and performance, visual art and technology. Learners have a range of types of furniture to meet their learning needs throughout the day.

We employ a very high calibre of passionate, hardworking teachers and support staff. Staff are provided with excellent professional learning opportunities to enhance their practice and the children’s learning experiences. Teachers work collaboratively to target learners needs.

We are fortunate to have a very supportive parent community.