Transitioning your Child

Enrolling your child at Golden Sands School is easy. Pop into the school office and pick up an enrolment form, fill it in and drop it back. Once we have received your enrolment we will arrange visits for your preschooler to visit their class and meet their teacher. Transitions are run for up to 3 sessions prior to your child starting school.  
The Office Administrator will email you to arrange transition visits.  We ask that you sign in to the office each morning.   Try to be early so the children get to have a look around and get to talk with the teacher. For uniform information refer to the uniform page.

Getting ready for School

Below are some suggestions of activities you can be doing with your child before they begin school: 
  • Know their name – recognise their own name when it is written down.    If they are interested help them to learn to write their name.  
  • Show them the difference between capital letters and lower case.  
  • Alphabet – begin to recognise letters from the alphabet.  Please begin with the lower case letters. Colours – know the basic colours – red, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, white, brown, pink and purple. Shapes – know the basic shapes.
  • Books – enjoy books together.
  • Numbers – recognise numbers 1 to 10, count to 10 and making sets of small objects.
  • Communication – be able to ask for things they need, have a conversation with others Be able to use the toilet independently It is not essential for your child to know or do all these things before they start school.