We aspire to be Positive Participants in the Global Community.

Positive Participants means:

  • Responsible and active contributors, who take responsibility for their actions
  • Resilient, flexible and confident

Global community means:

  • Encompasses school, local, national and global communities
  • Having awareness of the wider world and how it works, a sense of their role in it, and respecting and valuing diversity
  • Global thinkers who are able to engage globally in an effective manner


We believe in being PROUD in Living, Learning and Leadership.
  • I choose the “weather” of my mind
  • I plan what I want to do and how I want to be
  • I work then play
  • I am prepared to take risks and ask questions
  • I am curious and keen to explore learning
  • I lead my own learning
  • I respect myself and others
  • I am confident and caring
  • I can be humble
  • I respect my own and others’ learning
  • I can collaborate with others to learn 
  • I am open to new situations and ideas and the ideas of others
  • I am willing to solve problems
  • I believe I ‘can’ and I challenge myself
  • I am flexible and open to new learning
  • I am prepared to take risks and I learn form my mistakes
  • I understand myself and how I learn
  • I listen carefully to others so I can understand them and communicate well
  • I understand how I learn and my learning needs
  • I can talk about and reflect on my learning
  • I can demonstrate my learning by teaching others
  • I can apply my learning
  • I can count on me
  • Others can count on me too
  • I persevere
  • I am responsible for my own learning